Magnetic Love: Stop Chasing What You Want …Start Attracting It. - Jennie Lynn

"Magnetic Love is the only kind of love there is, and Jennie has put this down in words better than anyone I've ever seen. It's a book you owe it  yourself to read and your library as incomplete without it. It holds the secret to happiness in life."

–Bob Proctor

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Stop Chasing …and Start Attracting

How amazing would it feel to finally get what you’ve always wanted – no matter what your deepest desires may be? And, what if you knew you could stop chasing what you want, and use science to attract what you want?

In her new book, Magnetic Love: Stop Chasing What You Want …Start Attracting It, champion bodybuilding pro, success coach, and author Jennie Lynn details how “like energy attracts like energy.”

You’ll discover that “running down” your dreams is time-consuming hard work that comes with no guarantee of success …especially when it comes to finding your soul mate.

With definitive clarity, Jennie Lynn shows you how to leverage your energy and universal laws so you can interact with the world much like a magnet …drawing all you desire to you.

In Magnetic Love, you’ll discover a clear, fast, and precise path that leads to
greater self-love and an ability to unlock your LIMITLESS potential.

“My wish for you, and I know the author’s wish for you, is only success …victory in loving yourself, happiness in your relationships, fulfillment in health, money freedom and anything else you desire. There is a goldmine of wisdom in this book and it is time to start releasing the greatness that is within you.”

Peggy McColl, New York Times Bestselling Author

Never Settle for Less or Leave Life to Chance

Magnetic Love is organized into brief sections and chapters that are upbeat and succinct, making its life-changing revelations easy to understand and implement.

It also includes a compelling foreword by world-renowned thought leader Bob Proctor, who is featured in the film, The Secret.

In a voice that is simple, refreshing, and straight to the point, Jennie Lynn guides you through a natural, undeniable process that enables you to …

“The degree of our success in life is proportionate to our willingness to invest in learning. Love and gratitude are both powerful energies which ignite the passions that push us beyond all adversity and mediocrity. Magnetic Love is a remarkable must-read if you truly want to discover the greatness in YOU!”

Les Brown,World’s Leading Motivational Speaker

Attract “The One”

Magnetic Love will inspire you into action like no other book you’ve read. You’ll become fully committed to your goals and desires …and feel certain you can attract the partner you’ve dreamed about.

This can be particularly challenging for singles who haven’t found their “one and only,” and who struggle with feelings of envy, loneliness, and unworthiness.

Having experienced these emotions herself, Jennie Lynn can empathize with this pain. Through Magnetic Love, she is empowering millions of people to finally ATTRACT their soul mate.

She does this by showing you how to look within and make yourself a stronger candidate for love. Jennie found the love of her life almost instantly when she applied the principles she details in her book:

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“If there is a testament for how much knowledge and inspiration we can glean from one book, it would be Magnetic Love! Jennie Lynn brings you home to your true self in this book and shows us that love is the way to live the life of our dreams.”

–Monica Da Maren, International Bestselling Author

The Critical Element Others Are Missing

The law of attraction is no longer a secret. But, if everyone knew how to use it, then why isn’t everyone winning, thriving, and financially free?

The reason is people often miss a critical element in this law that holds them back.

This missing element is revealed by Jennie Lynn in Magnetic Love. It may surprise you …but with clarity and precision, Jennie details how to integrate this missing element into your daily life.

Doing so is the key to unlocking all the abundance of the world. Recognize and tap into this element, and your desires will flow freely and easily to you!

If you are willing to make this quantum leap, Magnetic Love will invoke in you an awakening that empowers you to design the life you desire. A life that may have been just out of reach…Until NOW!

“Magnetic Love is a literary masterpiece that is both extraordinary and highly thought-provoking. Jennie Lynn is a brilliant and talented author, furnishing her readers with a captivating experience they will appreciate for a lifetime.”

–Bryan Smith, Visionary, Master of the Law of Attraction

Magnetic Love is the book that will top the charts in 2017
– Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor says, “When we learn to master our mind, we transform our lives.”

In Magnetic Love, Jennie Lynn reveals how she’s applied her proven transformation principlesto triumph over devastating obstacles in her own life.

You’ll learn that even as a top fitness model and bodybuilding champion, Jennie battled through a downward spiral that began when she was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease.

But, instead of surrendering to “fate,” Jennie embarked on a quest to discover how she could “master her mind” and take command of her destiny. Her commitment was unwavering, and in six-months she was able to …

As you turn each page of this once-in-a-lifetime book, it becomes self-evident that if you follow the path blazed by Jennie Lynn …love, fortune, and freedom await you!

You’ll do what it takes to achieve this state of physical and emotional abundance because Magnetic Love makes it crystal that nothing is more expensive …than a missed opportunity.

Don’t let this one pass you by. Take action right now!

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      • Discover who you are at your core
      • Love and appreciate the beauty within you
      • Develop a more healthy and gentle self-image
      • Maintain a mindset that fosters a lifetime of health

The Mirror Miracle will teach you how a simple mirror can invoke the deepest transformation of your life!

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More Raves for Magnetic Love!

“This is more than just a book, it’s a gateway and a tool you can study and use to live the life of your dreams. You need to love yourself and be grateful for what you have, before you even consider asking for more. Jennie Lynn helps you make sense of your mind and teaches you all the things you didn’t learn in school, but that will enrich your life and truly enlighten you.”

–Sandra L. Gallagher, Proctor Gallagher Institute CEO/Co-Founder

“Jennie Lynn has written a perfect primer in the understanding of spiritual, conscious creation. If you want an easy to understand, basic outline of how your creative power works, this is the book for you."

Dee Wallace, Actress, Author, Radio Personality and Spiritual Healer

“If you want to learn how to have success in every area of your life, then let Jennie Lynn inspire you to dream bigger and achieve more than you ever thought possible."

Steve Harrison,

“I met Jennie Lynn in December 2016 as we were both collaborating with Bob Proctor. A few months later here she is with a remarkable new book, Magnetic Love, endorsed by him. This book showcases her talents and devotion that will empower many people for a lifetime. It is a transformational masterpiece the world has been aching for...”

–Anik Singal, Lurn Nation Founder & Bestselling Author of Circle of Profit


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Jennie Lynn is one of Bob’s Proctor’s top consultants. She empowers individuals to improve their health/fitness, relationships, body/self-image, and career, and money consciousness. Jennie is co-Founder of Matrix Success Network, which offers customized elite business coaching, as well as individualized leadership and results-driven, paradigm-shifting programs. She is also a magazine writer and professional model, and is a worldwide triple pro champion in natural figure, physique, and bodybuilding. Jennie’s articles have been published in Natural Gainz magazine, Natural Mag International, Muscle Sport magazine, and Be Legendary magazine.


If you have any problems or questions please contact Jennie: